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01-July 2023


31-November 2023


$1000 AUD


1 Awardee

Yvonne Burgu Award

The Yvonne Burgu Education Award helps an Aboriginal woman completing her first university degree or TAFE college diploma.


  • An Aboriginal woman of any age residing in Western Australia in 2023 who:

  • Is studying towards their first degree and has completed her first year of study towards:

  • A degree at a Western Australian University; or,

  • A diploma at a Western Australian TAFE college

  • Is enrolled for the 2023 Academic Year and have successfully completed at least all the first year units/requirements of a degree course (on a full or part time basis)

  • Demonstrates a drive and commitment to community service

  • Demonstrates a drive and commitment to the pursuit of leadership in their chosen field

  • Will provide at least 1 (one) written academic reference and 1 (one) written personal reference.

Required Documents 

need assistnace?

Zonta is a not-for-profit that is dedicated to empowering women and celebrating their success. We are proud to offer awards to recognize and encourage the hard work and dedication of our recipients. Winners will be announced via email at the end of the selection process. If you need assistance with your application, please feel free to contact us in person, via email, or over the phone. We are here to support you on your journey and we look forward to seeing your success.

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