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01-May 2024


31st July 2024


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Woman of Achievement Award

The Woman of Achievement Award is a great way to recognise the work and dedication of an outstanding woman who has made a significant contribution to her community.

The Zonta Club of Perth is proud to present the Woman of Achievement Award, which is an opportunity to honour an outstanding woman whose vision, commitment to leadership, mentoring, service or advocacy has made a difference to the lives of others.

The award celebrates the achievements of an individual woman and recognises the importance of her efforts. It is also a chance to raise awareness of the positive impact that women have on the world. The Woman of Achievement is an unsung hero who has previously been unrecognised but, without whom, others and communities would not have achieved their own success.

The award is open to all women in the Perth area and is awarded every two years. The winner will receive a certificate acknowledging the award and special recognition from the Zonta Club of Perth.



  • show outstanding service to the community either as a volunteer or in her profession,

  • continue to contribute to the community either as a volunteer or in her profession subsequent to the Award

  • not previously received any Australian, National or State community service recognition award, for the work she is currently doing.

  • agree to accept the nomination

Nomination Details

  • Name and contact details of nominee

  • Work and/or community service history relevant to the nomination

  • A statement of the significance/impact of the contribution of the nominee in her field (400 words or less)

  • A statement of the nominee’s plans for future involvement in her field (200 words or less)


The Zonta Club of Perth is a not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to empowering women and celebrating their success. We are proud to offer awards to recognize and encourage the hard work and dedication of our recipients. Winners will be announced via email at the end of the selection process. If you need assistance with your application, please feel free to contact us in person, via email, or over the phone. We are here to support you on your journey, and we look forward to seeing your success.

In Person

St Catherine's College

2 Park Road, Crawley,  6009

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